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Germicidal Ultraviolet (UVC) systems reduce and even eliminate deadly pathogens that can otherwise lead to many infections. UVC is a chemical free solution to inactivate viruses, bacteria, mold, smells,  from air and surfaces and water, and increase the efficiency and prolong HVAC equipment life .

An ideal cost effective, environmental friendly solution for Hotels, Hospitals , Airports, Banks, Malls, Schools and Colleges, and many others.


Mobile Room UVC

Features a high-output 360° UVC flux

disinfecting air and surfaces


Operating Room Package

A permanent solution to reducing HAI's and SSI's in the OR



A wide range of in-duct and on-coil HVAC UV decontamination systems

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.30.25

Handheld UVC

Handheld, portable UVC disinfection device designed to deactivate bacteria, viruses and fungi in spaces where  UVC fixtures are inconvenient to be mounted.

Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 11.16.33

Upper Air Room Fixtures

Designed specifically for continuous upper air UVC irradiation  to decontaminate the environment 


Residential UVC

Irradiate cooling coils/air streams inside ductwork to prevent spread of mold/bacteria and bad smells

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